Sunday, January 20, 2008

The unstuffed kachauri

Folks, this one will be called a puri in other places, but Biharis call it kachauri. A namkeen puri is usually referred to as kachauri here. Kachauri-sabji or kachauri-ghoogni is staple Bihari breakfast or supper. I relish this combination, provided someone else makes it for me. It is four times more difficult to make rotis, chappatis, parathas, puris, kachauris than it is to make rice, any kind.

I am surprised I made kachauris for my readership. Well, I was actually craving for them. So, here’s how you make the simplest Bihari kachauri – the unstuffed variety.

Before you begin reading the rest of this piece, I need to acquaint you with two important ingredients of this recipe – ajwain (carom seeds) and mangraila (kala jeera, onion seeds, nigella or kalaunji). The know-all, Wiki tells me that ajwain is also called 'owa' in Marathi, 'vaamu' in Telugu, 'omam' in Tamil, 'ajwana' in Kannada and 'ajmo' in Gujarati. I know it is called ‘jowan’ in Bengali. Get more information on these from here: Ajwain and Mangraila

Mix a spoonful of each with the atta. Add salt to the mixture. Add a couple of spoonfuls of oil. Add water and make a hard dough, like you make for puris. Simple, isn’t it? Use your hands for the right measurements. Less or more does not matter as long as you have all the ingredients in place. However, make sure the amount of salt is appropriate. Next, use the dough to make puris the normal way. You may wonder as to what’s special in these. Taste them and you will know. Enjoy them with any curry you like or with some pickle.

You can use the same dough to make parathas. The parathas are tasteful and less oily. Enjoy the paratha with dahi and achaar.


Farhana Sultana said...

Very inspired from you, I have started cooking, again...fancy that! I've always liked cooking, if it weren't for the depressing disasters :D In light of the recent less-disastrous happenings in the kitchen and not having killed anyone yet, I shall try your unstuffed kachories some time soon (i presume not before the weekend).

megha said...

This looks i want something i can have this with...(not the usual curd n pickle pls!)

Payal said...

Hey Anu,Payal here..thanking you for re kadhi recipe..when u get time pls post recipes for- dal pitthi, pithha, and kaddu biryani. Thanks in advance.

Anuradha Sinha said...

Hey Payal! Will do. Caught up with some bad dealines now. Will start posting recipes regularly from later this month.

Neelam said...

hi, enjoyed reading your recipes and will try them out. kachauri looks delicious!!